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The Woodlands Pool

Bowling & Pool - The Woodlands

Why join a Bowling League, or Bowling Club - what's the difference? A traditional bowling league meets on a weekly basis at the same time for a set period, typically about six months. Bowling teams are comprised of four bowlers and usually compete for the entertainment value as well as cash prizes. A bowling league is a great way to compete with a group of friends from work or friends in your community while relieving stress and having fun.

Billiards is the set of all games played indoors with cues and spherical balls on a flat surface where the gameplay is driving the cue into a ball in order so that the struck ball may hit other balls in order to accomplish the objective of the game. As such, American pool, snooker, the various forms of carom (pocketless-tabled) billiards, English pool, are all considered "billiards".

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
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