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Timarron Splash Pad

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Timarron Spraypad Creekside Park The Woodlands
Splash Pad  Timarron Creekside Park

Timarron Park Splash Pad

This Creekside Park Village splash pad (1 / 2) features a pipe tunnel that looks like a frog, large flower fountains that spray water, and plenty of space to play. Located in Timarron Park, the water attraction also has seats around the splash pad for parents, convenient public restrooms, a covered pavilion, and a nearby playground.

Timarron Park Sprayground Creekside Park

The spraygrounds at Timarron Park is an open access facility. The Timarron Sprayground has a rent able pavilion nearby with tables and seating. The Woodlands Spraygrounds are an extremely popular destinations for birthday parties, play groups, picnics, and other celebrations throughout the eight month season. The spraygrounds at May Valley, Timarron, and Village Green do not require a pool pass or entry fee at any time. *Please note that reserving the Sawmill Park Pavilion does not include reserving the Sawmill sprayground. The sprayground/splashpad is a public facility and cannot be reserved, please adhere to sprayground hours and be aware the spraygrounds are subject to maintenance closures and temporary shut downs.

Timarron Sprayground Creekside Park

50 North Green Print Circle

The Woodlands, Texas 77389

Village of Creekside Park

Timarron Sprayground Creekside Park

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Operational Season: March 1 - October 31
*Please note that reserving a park pavilion does not include reserving the sprayground at the park. The sprayground is a public facility open to all during sprayground hours and is subject to maintenance schedules and shut downs.
Splashpad Rules

Timarron Park Creekside Village The Woodlands
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