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Panther Creek Village Pool

The Creekwood Pool is located inside Creekwood Park, across the street from McCullough Jr. High School in Panther Creek. Creekwood Pool is one of two pools in the Village of Panther Creek and is the home of the Woodlands Riptides, an NWAL swim team. There is a panther-themed slide for the kiddos as well as a 90-degree flume slide and a one-meter diving board. Pool visitors can take in views of the wild ducks and cranes on the shores of the nearby Creekwood Pond.

Creekwood Pool Village of Panther Creek

Creekwood Pool Panther Creek

Creekwood Panther Pool

Sterling Ridge Cranebrook Pool

The Woodlands Township
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5200 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, Texas • 77381
Call them281 210-3900

Pool Pass Info

The Woodlands Township offers three options for purchasing or renewing a Season Pass:

Membership Package Category Standard Fee
2019 Resident 0 - 2 yrs Pool Pass - Resident Infant $6.00
2019 Resident 3 - 64 Pool Pass - Resident Regular $40.00
2019 Resident 65 & up Pool Pass - Resident Senior $15.00
Additional Family Member Pass (after purchase of 4 full price passes; immediate family only) $15.00
Non Resident
2019 Non-Res. 0 - 2 yrs Pool Pass Non-Resident Infant $30.00
2019 Non-Res. 3 & up Pool Pass Non-Resident Regular $120.00
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