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Activity Guide The Woodlands Texas

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The Woodlands Township Local Activities

The Woodlands Texas Activity Guide

The Woodlands Township has long recognized the benefits of parks and recreation and facilitates the provisions of its services through three pillars of service (equity, conservation and health and wellness). The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department has won numerous accolades by leading organizations such as the National Recreation and Park Association, Texas Recreation and Park Society, Texas Public Pool Council, Aquatics International and the Association of Aquatic Professionals.

Festival Activities The Woodlands Texas

The Woodlands Texas Activities Guide

On any given weekend there can be a multitude of activities to choose from in The Woodlands; many of them presented by The Woodlands Township Parks & Recreation department. Whether you want to take the kids to the park, pick up a game of disc golf, pickleball, or maybe even take up a new hobby, like painting or volunteering at a local charity organization. You can participate in one of the many charity events held here throughout the year or spend the day at a festival or show, a wealth of activities are available throughout most of the year.

Activity Guide The Woodlands

Activities for Everyone

The Woodlands Waterway Waterwall Fountain in The Woodlands is home to an ever-growing population of young people, and they're all looking for the same thing; "something" to do! Fortunately, The Woodlands has a multitude of activities for the masses, (well, maybe not the actual masses) kids of all ages, all year round. From multi-platinum artists' concerts at the Pavilion to live music at Northshore Park. Roller Blade Skating at one of nine wheel-friendly parks, or swimming at one of The Woodlands fourteen area pools. Sports and local band nights for tweens at the Gorilla Hole. There's no reason for your kids to say there's nothing to do here in The Woodlands! Fun for the kids

Kayak Rentals The Woodlands Texas

Kayaking Lake Woodlands

Nearly all year long, kayaks (single) and tandem kayaks (for two) are available for rental at both Riva Row Boat House on The Waterway, just southwest of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion and the Lakes Edge Boat House at Hughes Landing. Kayaking out on Lake Woodlands is a great way to get a different perspective of the area, including an up close and personal look at the Midgard Serpent out in the waters just off of Southshore ParkKayak Rentals

The Waterway Town Center The Woodlands Texas

Waterway Square Activities

The Woodlands Waterway Waterwall Fountain located near the intersection of Waterway Avenue and Waterway Square Drive is home to a large variety of annual events and festivities. The 120' Waterwall and fountain is the centerpiece of Waterway Square. A variety of events are held at the Waterway ranging from kids (primarily) activities to fun for the entire family, free music events, and more.

Festivals The Woodlands Texas

Festivals in The Woodlands

Several festivals and other outdoor events held throughout the year in Town Center. Festival events are frequently held on the Great Lawn in Town Green Park including, the Annual Crawfish festival, the Annual Waterway Arts Festival, and Winter In The Woodlands . The Annual Red, Hot & Blue festival (July 4th) is such a large event that it is spread out across The Woodlands, from Waterway Square to Town Green Park, to the Village of Creekside Park. The annual Winter Wonderland and Ice Rink are held in the recently added Woodlands Multi-use facility which is adjacent to The Woodlands Pavilion.

Live music The Woodlands Texas

FREE Live Music in The Woodlands

Free concerts during the spring and fall along Lake Woodlands at Northshore Park in Village of Panther Creek. The bi-annual events are held on Sunday evenings. Bring your own chairs, blankets, beverages and picnics, and enjoy the free entertainment courtesy of the The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department. Live music events in The Woodlands

Woodlands Waterway Swan Paddle Boats

Waterway Swan Paddle Boats

The swan-shaped boats are available to the public, and are located in the upper waterway canal near Riva Row Boat House at 2101 Riva Row, The Woodlands, TX 77380. The Swan Boats  travel the upper level of the Waterway from the turning basin at Town Green Park to the east end of the canal near Landry's Seafood. The Waterway Swan Boats are not permitted in Lake Robbins and therefore, cannot go to The Woodlands Mall, for example.

Kayaks The Woodlands Texas Riva Row

Riva Row The Woodlands

The Riva Row Boat House is located along the lower Woodlands Waterway, at Riva Row Park (2101 Riva Row, The Woodlands 77380), across the Waterway from Town Green Park. The Waterway is divided by 6-foot drop in elevation into an upper and lower section. The dam that creates this division is located at Riva Row Park, where the water-dam is a pedestrian walkways providing a connection to the free parking areas.

Games Best Played With Round Things

Bocce Ball The Woodlands Texas

Bocce Ball

Hand Ball Coll Park

Bocce Ball An overview: Bocce (/bɒtʃi/; Italian pronunciation: [bɔttʃe]), sometimes anglicized as bocci, is a ball sport belonging to the boules family, closely related to British Bowls and French Pétanque, with a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire. The basics of the game can be traced back to games that were played in Egypt around 5000 BC when people first began settling along the Nile Delta. Records dating to the 3rd century BC also show the popularity of a Bocce-like game with Roman soldiers.

Disc Golf The Woodlands Texas

Disc Golf

Frisbee Disc Courses

Frisbee golf, also known as Disc golf and by a lesser known acronym "FROLF", is a game using a modified version of the more popular, traditional Frisbee in which individual players throw the flying disc into a basket or sometimes, at a target. According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, the object of the game is to traverse a golf-like course from beginning to end with the fewest number of throws of the disc. Frisbee golf courses are composed of either 9 or 18 'holes' or goals like a traditional golf course, but are much shorter and do not require or allow golf carts.

Disc Golf The Woodlands Texas

Pickle Ball

Tennis Courts

According to Ernie Ortiz, also a USAPA Ambassador, Pickle Ball is fun for all ages and skill levels and within 15 minutes you could be playing the game, even if you have never played a paddle or racket sport before. Ortiz says, “Many families are playing this game and are having a great time! The sport is easy on the body, allowing young and old to play together”. Having played in cities and clubs across the United States, Ortiz has seen great players in their 70’s and 80’s.

Disc Golf The Woodlands Texas


Bowling & Billiards

Bowling refers to a series of sports or leisure activities in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a target. It is one of the major forms of throwing sports. In pin bowling variations, the target is usually to knock over pins at the end of a lane.

Billiards The Woodlands


Definition of billiards : any of several games played on an oblong table by driving small balls against one another or into pockets with a cue specifically : a game in which one scores by causing a cue ball to hit in succession two object balls

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