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Pictures with Santa

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Pictures with Santa Claus The Woodlands Texas

Pictures with Santa Claus in The Woodlands Texas

Jolly Saint Nick arrives the day after the Market Street Tree Lighting ceremony - in mid November - and will stick around all the way till Christmas Eve, December 24.

Santa Claus is coming to The Woodlands! Santa Claus will be very busy this holiday season making himself available at several locations between now and Christmas Day. Though he does make several stops throughout The Woodlands during the holiday season, but he does spend a great deal of time at his favorite place, The Woodlands Mall. Santa's happy to hear holiday wishes and have his elves take a commemorative photo; so take advantage of this perfect photo opportunity for your family and friends while letting the kids whisper their gift ideas to Santa!. Start a new tradition and see Santa with the whole family - dress your best and enjoy high quality photos your family can cherish for years to come.

Santa is expected to arrive at The Woodlands Mall in early to mid November and will be ready and waiting for visitors! Children can visit with Santa throughout the day at his Holiday Living Room. Santa usually holds pictures with fur-babies once a week. PLEASE NOTE: Cats and dogs on a leash or in an appropriate carrier only, please. Animals, other than those service animals, are not allowed in the shopping centers other than during St. Nick's Pet Pics.
Reserve your time with Santa and save on your photo package! Photo pre-purchase is required to book your time, however all guests can enjoy savings by pre-purchasing a photo package online without making a reservation. Photo purchase and reservations are not required to visit with Santa.

How Much Do Pictures with Santa Cost?

Visits with Santa are at no charge, however, you are asked to please not use your own camera or cell-phone cameras within the Holiday Living Room area. Photo package pricing for the 2020 Christmas season will be posted on The Woodlands Mall website

Tips For Great Santa Visits & Photos

Visiting Santa should be a fun tradition, but some kids need more prep than others. What can you do to make sure your kids have a good time and get great Santa photos? Here are tips from Kevin Haislip, a Santa in Grapevine, Texas, for parents of kids ages 2 to 5:
Talk up the visit to Santa for a few days, such as: "This weekend, we're going to visit Santa. You can sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. Santa is really nice." Kids do better when visiting Santa isn't a surprise or last-minute because they get a chance to get used to the idea. "A big man in a red suit with a white beard can be a bit intimidating to a child, even if Santa is jolly," Haislip says. What to wear? "Dress your kids up in their holiday outfits," Haislip says. "It makes the trip to Santa more of an event and adds to the excitement."
Have your child bring something with her, such as a favorite stuffed animal so she has something familiar (and distracting) to cling to. To reduce the fear factor even more, Haislip recommends sitting down with your child and writing Santa a letter. Have your child give Santa the letter when you arrive.
Allow Santa and his elves to do their job. If your child still doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap, let Santa and his helpers try to coax your child into it with some playfulness or a candy cane. "We want your child to have a good time and look forward to seeing Santa again later." If that doesn't work, feel free to try again another day. It can take time for kids under age 5 to feel comfortable. "I had a 2-year-old girl come to me five times in three weeks and only on the fifth time did she finally sit on my lap. She visited me two or three times after that all giggly and happy. We became best of friends by the time it was Christmas Eve," Haislip says. Get ready for a quick pic. "We get the best photos within the first 10 to 15 seconds after the child sits on Santa's lap," Haislip says. After the photograph is taken, then Santa can spend some fun time with your child.
Keep your child home if he's sick. And make sure you child has gone to the bathroom before getting in line. Most children 6 and up don't have too much fear of Santa and usually are quite ready to see him, Haislip says. But following many of these tips for the older children as well can make the photo op much more memorable.

All information regarding Santa's availability at various locations throughout The Woodlands for November and December 2020 is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed, as of September 2020.

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