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Crossvine Park

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Crossvine Park Village Grogan's Mill

Crossvine Park

Crossvine Park

2709 Crossvine Circle

The Woodlands, Texas 77380

Crossvine Park Statistics

Park Type: Neighborhood
Date Acquired: 1982
Village: Grogans' Mill
Park Acreage: 3.8
Pathway Mileage: 0.0593 +/-
Parking Spaces: 0

Crossvine Park Amenities:

Benches (2)
Trash Receptacle (1)
Two Picnic Tables
Two Benches
Water Fountain

Crossvine Park Play Area:

Younger Child Play Area
Older Child Play Area
Two Bucket Swings
Two Belted Swings

Crossvine Park derives its name from Crossvine Circle, and while that may be where the name (and address) come from, the park is more quickly accessed via the pathways from North Logrun Circle in the Millbend Forest neighborhood. Tucked in the woods behind homes along Crossvine Circle and North Logrun Circle, Crossvine Park is not accessible via car and only by foot or bike along the pathways from either street. Due to its location among the trees, there is ample amounts of shade in which to let children play on the older child and younger child playgrounds. Crossvine Park also makes for a nice, quiet area to while away the afternoon with a good book or rest when out biking along the pathways.

Park Facility Reservations

Permits are required to reserve a public-park-pavilion in any park facility in The Woodlands Township.Facility reservation requests can be made online. Currently, only the pavilions are available for reservations. You must pay for your reservation within 7 days of making said reservation, or it will be deleted from the system. Click here for the Woodlands Township Parks reservations online request form.

For reservations and additional information, visit
The Woodlands Township, Facilities and Rentals:
5200 Research Forest Drive • The Woodlands, Texas • 77381 Call them281 210-3900

Please note: The public parks are maintained by The Woodlands Township
Availability is subject to change without notice and is entirely beyond the control of TheWoodlands.Guide.
Per Woodlands Parks & Recreation Dept. Rules: "Younger Play Areas" suitable for children ages 2-5.
 "Older Play Areas" suitable for children ages 5-12."
Read details on park regulations & requirements

COVID-19 Update: Woodlands Township parks are open, however select amenities within the parks are closed due to CDC Guidelines or to ensure social distancing. Park equipment is not disinfected.

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