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Splash and Spray Pads The Woodlands

The Woodlands Texas Splash-Pads and Spray-Grounds Guide

There are seven spray-grounds in The Woodlands which are open to the community, allowing for visitors who want to splash around in the water without actually swimming. Cranebrook Pool in Sterling Ridge, and Wendtwoods Pool in Creekside Park both feature water play-structures, which can be climbed on, over, and under. A huge bucket that fills with water and splashes anyone underneath when it dumps out can be found at Cranebrook, Wendtwoods, and the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center.

Grogan's Spraypad
Grogan's Spraypad
Market Street Splash Pad
Market Street Splash Pad
May Valley Splash Pad
May Valley Splash Pad
Shadowbend Splash Pad
Shadowbend Splash Pad
Timarron Splash Pad
Timarron Splash Pad
Village Green Splash Pad
Village Green Splash Pad
Waterway Spray Pad
Waterway Spray Pad

In the Village of College Park at the Harper's Landing Spraygound, there is a wide-open spray-ground area that includes mushroom falls and water-spray features. At the Ridgewood Swan Pool / Splash Pad in Panther Creek, kids can dance around in the tumbling buckets and water sprayers over near the Swan slide. There's the interactive play structure at the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center in the Village of Creekside Park, which includes a 150-gallon dump bucket for huge splashes! The spray-ground at the Sawmill Spray-ground is unique in that it is part of the pool (thus requiring a pool pass to enter, just as all of the pools do) but it is also has access from outside of the pool. Another pool in Creekside Park that has a dump-bucket is the Wendtwoods Pool, which also features other fun playscape features similar to those at the Cranebrook Pool. In the Village of Alden Bridge is the Windvale Spray-ground, where the play-structure is in a very large shallow area and includes a tube slide, climbing structure and faucets kids can spin to turn the sprayers and waterfalls on and off. And the newest splash pad was added in at the Shadowbend spray-ground, in the Village of Cochran's Crossing; this tree-themed spray-ground has a crawl-through rain tree as the centerpiece of the splash pad, and is the only one of its kind. Like the sprayground at Sawmill Park, the splash pad at Shadowbend pool is adjacent to the pool for access during the pool season, and will also has off-season access through early fall each year, and after the pool is closed at the end of the swimming season(s). Spraygrounds which are inside of pool areas require a pool pass for admittance when the pool is open.

Where are The Woodlands Spray-grounds?

The first spray-ground to be installed in The Woodlands was the May Valley Spray-ground, and has an old west theme. Viewed from above, the two separate splash pad areas resemble wagon wheels, and rising from the center of one is an old-fashion water tower that showers kids from above. The sprayers children can aim and spray resemble horses, and there are a multitude of fountains spraying up from the ground.

In 2012, while undergoing a much-needed update and renovation at the second-oldest park in The Woodlands, the Spray-ground at Sawmill Park was added. Incorporated into the theme of a sawmill, the sprayers resemble "saws" which children can pull back and forth to control the water, and the upright, overhead sprayers are painted to look like tree trunks.
In Creekside Park, the Timarron Spray-ground looks like a giant daisy when viewed from above, a flora & fauna theme that carries over to the overhead sprayers built like giant flowers and cattails, as well as the open-mouthed, giant frog which rains down on kids as they run through. Also in Creekside Park at the Creekside Park Village Green is a splash pad much like those at Waterway Square and Market Street in Town Center.

The Shadowbend Spray-ground in Cochran's Crossing, open in mid-July 2014, is a tree-themed splash pad is located adjacent to the pool that will be part of the pool during the pool season but will also be open in the off season through late October. A crawl-through rain tree is the centerpiece of the splash pad and is the only one of its kind.

There are two Splashpads in The Woodlands Town Center, one at Waterway Square and another in Central Park, at Market Street. There is also a sprayground in Carlton Woods, the gated community nestled within the heart of The Woodlands. Opened in the spring of 2013, the five-acre park and spray-ground is located on Glensheen Way in Carlton Woods, Sterling Ridge. Because Carlton Woods is a gated community, access to the park and spray-ground there is limited to Carlton Woods residents and their guests.

Sprayground / Splashpad Rules?

We're glad you asked! By and large, rules for the spray-grounds are pretty common sense - here's a great  list.

  • Do not drink water from any water feature on all spraypads / swimming pools.
  • Non-Service Animals are prohibited.
  • Food, pets, smoking, alcoholic beverages and or illegal substances are prohibited within 10' of the spray-ground.
  • No glass containers should be on or near the splash pads.
  • Walk, don't run in or around the spray-ground area.
  • Do not climb on the spray features; use the playgrounds to climb.
  • Skateboards, bicycles or other items with wheels are not allowed on the spray ground surface at any time.
  • No rough-housing, aggressive behavior, or use of profane language is permitted. Play nice!
  • Changing diapers within 6' (six feet) of water feature is prohibited.
  • Known use of the water feature while ill with a contagious disease is prohibited.
  • Use of the water feature when ill with diarrhea is prohibited.

Additionally, here are some safety guidelines to keep in mind when visiting the spray-grounds:

  • Please do not let children play while unattended.
  • There are no lifeguards or other staff on duty at many of the spray pads; participate at your own risk.
  • Clear the spray-ground area when lightning is spotted.
  • Rubber-soled water shoes are recommended for better footing at the spraypads and pools.
  • To maintain the water quality, all diaper-aged children should wear plastic pants with tight-fitting elastic at the legs and waist, or swim diapers.

Splashpad Activation & Maintenance

As with everything throughout The Woodlands, the spray-grounds were build with the conservation of our natural resources in mind. To help ensure the least amount of water is wasted, the spray-grounds function on timers, allowing them to be off when no one is there to play. If you go to one of the spray-grounds and find the water is off, or the water turns off while your children are at play, simply look for the red button on top of the green or blue post (or on top of the "tree stump" at Sawmill Park) and push it until the water starts to flow again. Once the water is on, it will continue to run for four minutes, when the button will need to be pushed again. To ensure water quality is maintained, the splashpads are maintained daily before they open (8am) and on an as needed basis for the remainder of the day. One or more of the spray-grounds may be temporarily closed from time to time. In the event of a malfunction, unsanitary condition or any other non-emergency problem, call the Township Parks and Recreation Department Call them281-210-3900.

Park Facility Reservations

Permits are required to reserve a public-park-pavilion in any park facility in The Woodlands-Township-Facility reservation requests can be made online. Currently, only the pavilions are available for reservations. You must pay for your reservation within 7 days of making said reservation, or it will be deleted from the system. Public Parks Guide - The Woodlands Texas

For reservations and additional information, visit
The Woodlands Township, Facilities and Rentals:
5200 Research Forest Drive
• The Woodlands, Texas • 77381
Call them281 210-3900

Please note: The Woodlands' public parks are maintained by The Woodlands Township
Per Woodlands Parks & Recreation Dept. Rules: "Younger Play Areas" suitable for children ages 2-5.
 "Older Play Areas" suitable for children ages 5-12+."
Read details on park regulations & requirements

Availability is subject to change without notice and is entirely beyond the control of TheWoodlands.Guide

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