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Featuring over 150 Public Parks and Recreation areas containing assorted amenities.

Multiple public parks with a large variety of equipment.

Popular Park Activities in The Woodlands Texas

Featuring approximately 151 Public Parks in The Woodlands Texas containing assorted amenities, equating to one park per 828 residents (155% above the national average, per the National Recreation and Parks Association).  Encompassing some 4,445 acres of open space, equating to 38.3 acres of open space per 1,000 residents (74% above the national average) these public park amenities include like basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, a bocce court, Frisbee-disc-golf courses, and picnic areas complete with pavilions, picnic tables & barbecue grills.

Miles of Interconnected Pathways

The 220 miles of hike and bike pathways and streetscapes make Public Parks in The Woodlands Texas readily accessible for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the Public Parks in The Woodlands. Additionally, there are “Wheel Friendly Parks” that feature Skateboard Parks (complete with concrete grinding walls, stairs, rails, and bowls) and Bicycle Motocross (BMX) Dirt Tracks. The Woodlands is also home to several Leash-Free Dog Parks. The Woodlands parks, shopping centers, and villages are, or will be, interconnected via The Woodlands Pathways – 4′ wide concrete sidewalks that wind through the many trees and neighborhoods available to pedestrians and most human-powered vehicles.

The Rob Fleming Recreation Center 281-516-7348 in Creekside Park Village began life as a YMCA and has grown to include The Texas TreeVentures, a high-rope course featuring a series of physical challenges and thrill-based elements designed for youths and adults.

A recent addition the growing number of public parks in The Woodlands is The Ellipse in East Shore. The new private gardened park is the focal point of the new area called Mid-Lake. The park is about 1/2 acre in size, and features a green, elliptical area bordered by picnic areas and seating. Architecture in the garden park includes a fountain, stone spheres, a stone obelisk, and a steel lattice obelisk incorporating blooming plants and shrubs.

Specialty Parks

Additionally, there are “Skate Parks in The Woodlands” complete with concrete grinding walls, stairs, rails, and bowls and an outdoor Bicycle Motocross (BMX) area. The Woodlands is also home to several Leash-Free Dog Parks. The Woodlands parks, shopping centers, and villages are accessible by foot, bicycle, skateboard via “The Woodlands Pathways” – 4′ wide improved (primarily concrete) and that wind through the many trees and neighborhoods. The two Woodlands Recreation Centers offering numerous annual programs, including more than 60 special events.

The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department

coordinates a multitude of recreational and educational programs for residents throughout the year. If you’ve ever thought about fly casting, tai chi, or learning Spanish, it’s all available through The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department. Explore the various programs offered each season in the frequently updated Action Guide. Residents can register for programs and events online, or in person at either of the Woodlands Recreation Centers. There are 2 Recreation Centers in The Woodlands, one at Bear Branch Park, the other in Creekside Park..

Public Park Activities

Things to do at public parks in The Woodlands

Things to do in the park.

Hike & Bike George Mitchell Nature Parks
Catch a Concert at the Pavilion
Outdoors & Recreational
Activities for the Kids
Enjoy Arts & Culture

Activities at the park.

See The Woodlands Waterway
Enjoy Catch & Release Fishing
Stay-Dry* Watercraft Rentals
Town Center Nightlife
A Round of Golf

  • Amenity Parks – Amenity Parks are a-typical type parks featuring low key attractions.
  • Specialty Parks – Specialty Parks include Dog Parks
  • Wheel Friendly Parks – As the name implies, these parks cater to bicycles, skates and skateboards/
  • People Parks – Each of the villages have a variety of parks, for kids of all ages and play-types.
  • Sports Parks – These large, open-area parks include marked fields for assorted sports and outdoor entertainment.

Park Facility Reservations

Permits are required to reserve a public-park-pavilion in any park facility in The Woodlands-Township-Facility reservation requests can be made online. Currently, only the pavilions are available for reservations. You must pay for your reservation within 7 days of making said reservation, or it will be deleted from the system.

For reservations and additional information, visit
The Woodlands Township, Facilities and Rentals:
5200 Research Forest Drive
• The Woodlands, Texas • 77381
Call them281 210-3900

Please note: The Woodlands' public parks are maintained by The Woodlands Township
Per Woodlands Parks & Recreation Dept. Rules: "Younger Play Areas" suitable for children ages 2-5.
"Older Play Areas" suitable for children ages 5-12+."
• Read details on park regulations & requirements

Parks and Recreation Patron Code of Conduct

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