Where to go
in The Woodlands

Plenty of options when it comes to finding places to go in The Woodlands.

Where to Go in The Woodlands, Texas pack the picnic basket and head out to one of the more than 200 parks in The Woodlands. Take Fido/Fida out to one of the five dog parks and let them romp around and make some new canine friends. Kids and adults alike can splash away the summer heat in one of the pools in The Woodlands, or the area splashpads & spraygrounds, and the popular Rob Fleming waterpark in The Woodlands.

Alden Bridge Where to go Retail Center

Places to go in The Woodlands Texas

There are some amazing options when it comes to finding places to go in The Woodlands. Trying to decide where to eat in The Woodlands? Whether you are looking for a great pizza restaurant or a white table-cloth steakhouse, there is a constant rotation of  restaurants located throughout The Woodlands, from which to choose.
The Woodlands Texas Township is located less than 80 miles from the Gulf Coast (Galveston, Tx) and within minutes of the Sam Houston National Forest but, that’s not the point. It’s great to talk about how there are a multitude of things to do in The Woodlands but, you also need to know how to get to The Pavilion. From a leisurely stroll along the Waterway, to a hike in the nature preserve, or bike along the various pathways, The Woodlands is a great place to live, work, and play.

Where are some of the best places to go in The Woodlands?

Live Music

The Woodlands offers free, live music from spring through summer.


Town Green Park in Town Center is a frequent location for festivals in The Woodlands.

Movie Theaters

There are more than 40 screens across 5 Theaters in/near The Woodlands.

Town Center

Market Street, and The Woodlands Mall, The Woodlands Town Center offers retail shopping / dining.

Nature Preserve

The George Mitchell Nature Preserve / Spring Creek Greenway  expands across several acres in The Woodlands.

Public Parks

There are more than 150 public parks in The Woodlands, scattered across the village neighborhoods.

Outdoor Activities

Activities in the outdoors can be seasonal, depending on the time of day, you might go anyway.
Watercraft on Lake Woodlands

Kayak Rentals

Watercraft Rentals Riva Row, Lakes Edge, and Lake Paloma

  • Rent: Kayak
  • Rent: Standup Paddle Bd
  • Rent: Water Bike
  • Rent: Swan Boat*

Pre-build Woodlands Waterway Design

The Woodlands Waterway

The Woodlands Waterway extends from The Woodlands Mall, to The Woodlands Pavilion. The waterway features an oversize pathway along a majority of the nearly 2 mile long water-feature. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the Waterway in Town Center, The Woodlands.

Go to a Swimming Pool in The Woodlands Texas

Public Swimming Pools

Of the fourteen swimming pools and aquatic facilities located throughout The Woodlands, the most popular has got to be the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center in Creekside Park. There is at least, one public pool in each village, many have more than one – and there could be more pools and aquatic facilities in The Woodlands in the future. Swimming pools in The Woodlands all require a pool-pass for entrance.

Frisbee Disc Golf Courses The Woodlands

Disc Golf

Disc golf is played much like traditional golf but, instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc or Frisbee®.

The Woodlands wheel friendly parks

Wheel Friendly

Each of the 9 Villages in The Woodlands feature a skateboard park. These Wheel Friendly Parks vary in size between the different locations.

Dog Friendly Parks The Woodlands Texas

Dog Parks

There are currently five (5) dog-friendly parks throughout The Woodlands.

Where to find the Outdoor Sculptures

There are more than 75, outdoor public sculpture
and art pieces placed throughout The Woodlands.

The Woodlands Village Guide

Public Parks Guide The Woodlands

The Woodlands Texas Activities Guide