What can I bring into The Woodlands Pavilion?

Woodlands Pavilion Guest Policies

The Woodlands Pavilions Rules
What can I bring into the Woodlands Pavilion?

No one wants to have a bad time when attending a show at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Adhering to these policies for The Woodlands Pavilion will go a long way toward ensuring guests have an enjoyable experience.

Pavilion Guest Policies

Remember, these policies exist for the safety of everyone – staff, volunteers, the artists, and for the safety of other guests. This page explains items that are not permitted into the facility, as well as those that are permitted on a show-by-show basis. Bear in mind these policies may change at any time, and are beyond the control of The Woodlands Events. When in doubt, click on the link above or contact The Pavilion information line at 281 364-3024, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday, and through intermission on event days. In the interest of public safety, guests are always subject to a search upon entering the concert facility. Guests who refuse to be searched may be denied entrance to the amphitheater and refunded their ticket purchase price (excluding service charge fees). The Pavilion’s search policy is generally on concert-by-concert basis and the probability that guests might be carrying prohibited items into The Pavilion. The Pavilion will no longer accept bags (purses, backpacks, etc.) of any kind at the Information Booths. Unless restricted by the event, bags will still be allowed into the facility, subject to a security check at the gate. At each entrance gate, there are walk-through metal detectors similar to those used in most stadiums and arenas. As you pass through the metal detectors, bags, hats, phones, cameras, smart watches and other large metal objects will need to removed and shown to Pavilion Event Staff. Coins, belts, keys and wallets however, may remain in your pocket or on your person.

The Woodlands Pavilion management and staff will NOT tolerate the following actions or behavior from any guest:

  • Throwing any objects for obvious safety reasons.
  • Reselling tickets at any time on the grounds of The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is prohibited. The Pavilion is on private property and reserves the right not to allow the resale of concert tickets at any time on the property. Additionally, CWMP prohibits the resale of tickets due to the likelihood that those tickets may be counterfeit, and you will be refused entry should a counterfeit ticket be detected. You assume all risk when purchasing tickets through non-authorized ticket centers.
  • No re-entry is allowed. Please do not leave unless you are ready to go home. Likewise, be sure that you have everything you need before you enter the facility.
  • Tailgating is not allowed in the parking lots surrounding The Pavilion. The lots are privately owned and the owners have made the decision to not allow tailgating. Soliciting or vending of any kind is not permitted on the grounds of The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. This includes the distribution of fliers, selling of goods, etc., on the grounds, unless pre-arranged and authorized by The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion management.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the reserved seating areas. This includes e-cigarettes or vapes. Smoking (both cigarettes and e-cigarettes) is prohibited in the reserved seating as well as the lawn. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas in the concession plazas.
  • Guests who show signs of illegal substance abuse or intoxication may be refused entry.
  • State of Texas Fire regulations prohibit people from congregating in areas other than those designated for seating (Places of Assembly in the State of Texas, Article 25, Section 25.107). Therefore, standing or dancing in the aisles or on the stairways is not permitted.
  • Standing on the seats is not allowed. Because the chairs are not designed to be stood upon, it is not safe, and also causes sight problems for guests sitting behind you.
    *subject to change

Things you canNOT bring into The Woodlands Pavilion

Items not allowed into the PavilionThe following items are only a partial list of items which are NOT permitted: In the interest of public safety, guests are always subject to a search upon entering the facility. Guests who refuse the search may be denied entrance.

Animals can be unpredictable and may cause harm to other guests or staff. For this reason, with the exception of service animals (such as seeing-eye dogs), guests are asked to not bring animals (of any nature) to The Pavilion.

Aerosol cans are not permitted for fire safety reasons. The contents of these cans are under pressure and contain flammable substances. If you’d like to bring in sunscreen or insect repellent, etc., you may do so in a pump spray form.

Audio and video equipment, or Professional cameras, are not permitted due to copyright laws, and rules imposed by individual artists. those with detachable lenses (i.e. Canon and Nikon DSLRs, 35mm, etc.) are not permitted at The Pavilion. Smaller film and digital cameras, and cell phone cameras are allowed on a case-by-case basis. To confirm, call the Pavilion information line at 281 363-3300 on the day of the show to check if any cameras will be allowed for that particular show.

Beverages are not allowed for many reasons: TABC laws prohibit guests from bringing alcoholic beverages into The Pavilion; containers may be thrown and could harm other guests. Any non-plastic bottles or bottles with lids will not be permitted. If you need to bring in non-permitted items for medical purposes, please contact the appropriate gate supervisor, who can have the item brought to First Aid.

Fireworks are not permitted for fire hazard and safety reasons.

Laser pointers are not permitted as they can be extremely distracting to a performer and other guests.

Personal Chairs are not permitted. Lawn chairs will differ in size and shape. A guest might bring a chair that blocks the view of other guests or that is not safe for the grade of The Pavilion’s hill. Because there are so many types of chairs, it is the policy to not to allow any chairs into the facility. The Pavilion has specially-designed chairs that can be rented at many performance events. These lawn chairs are offered for free at all performing arts events.

Personal Electronic Devices, such as portable televisions and radios, laptops and tablets, such as iPads and Kindles (of any size) are not permitted in the facility because they are a distraction to other guests and the artist.

Strollers and playpens are not permitted as they present a safety hazard to the children in them. The strollers are not safe on The Pavilion stairs and hill. In the seating area, the strollers block aisles and violate state fire codes.

Weapons of any kind are not permitted for obvious safety reasons. This policy includes pocket knives and small chains. Some may not consider these items threatening, but they can cause harm. While it is legal, with a permit, to carry a concealed handgun in Texas, The Pavilion does not allow guns: While it is legal to open carry or carry a concealed handgun in Texas, the venue does not allow them inside the facility. Weapons are not allowed inside the pavilion gates.

no pets in the pavilion
Animals except ‘working’ / service animals
pointing devices not allowed
Laser Pointers
spray aerosol can not allowed
Aerosol Cans
personal seating chairs not allowed
Lawn Chairs, Grills, Ice Chest
sound video recorder not allowed
Audio and Video Equipment
battery operated tv radio not allowed
Portable Radios, or TV’s
nikon, sony, eos, canon not allowed
Detachable lens cameras
battery operated radio not allowed
Laptops, Tablets
glass bottle to pavilion not allowed
Outside beverages
babies and baby care devices not allowed
Strollers, play pen, tents
fireworks not allowed
weapons not allowed
Tents or Sunshades

Things you can bring into The Woodlands Pavilion

Items allowed into the pavilionThe following items are only a partial list of items which are permitted and is on a show-by-show basis:

Please be prepared to have your belongings searched. There are certain items that some performers will allow guests to have during their shows. There are also items that pose safety threats to guests depending on the type of show and the audience demographic the show attracts. It’s always a good idea to call The Pavilion information line at 281 363-3300 on the day of the show to check which items are permitted for that particular show.

canvas towels pad
personal cups containers
bring my food
bring my camera
  • No bags or purses larger than 8.5″ x 11″ (the size of a standard size piece of paper) will be allowed into the venue.
  • No backpacks of any kind will be permitted.
  • Picnics for performing arts shows must comply with the bag size restrictions or be contained in original packaging. Examples: takeout containers, pizza within a pizza box or chips in original sealed packaging.
  • Personal food is allowed at contemporary shows in the amount of (1) one gallon Ziploc bag per person.
  • All bags, regardless of size or type are subject to a search.
  • Please Note: some shows will not allow any bags. For information on these shows please check the designated event page on The Pavilion’s website.
  • The Pavilion is NOT RESPONSIBLE for bags or personal items left unattended in the venue or outside the gates. All unattended items will be discarded immediately.

Small Blankets Blankets are permitted at most shows, however, some shows are eligible for a ban on blankets. Dependent on demographic and show history, blankets can be banned at the artist/ venue discretion. Blankets are allowed at performing arts events.

Empty plastic water bottles without lids are allowed. The Pavilion has water fountains that can be used to fill the bottles, once inside the gates.

Food Personal food is allowed at contemporary shows in the amount of one (1) one gallon Ziploc bag per person. Unlimited food can be brought in at performing arts events.  No liquids of any kind, beverage or edible, are allowed inside The Pavilion. Remember, no drinks (including water); Only empty water bottles can be brought into the venue at any time.

Small Umbrellas Small personal sized umbrellas are allowed inside the venue if rain is forecasted. We recommend that guests choose to wear rain garments instead of use umbrellas as umbrellas are sometimes restricted by the artist/ venue.  You may bring a rain poncho or purchase a poncho at The Pavilion merchandise tent. CWMP recommends guests choose to wear rain garments instead, as open umbrellas can block the view of guests sitting behind you.

Cameras While professional, detachable lens cameras are banned. Simple point and shoot cameras are allowed, at the artists discretion. Cameras and all video or audio recording, including with cell phones, are not allowed at performing arts events.

For the most up to date rules, visit  The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion website.

What can I bring?
What can I bring into the Woodlands Pavilion?

Do not carry more than you need to have during the show! Not every show is the same, but many of the entry rules never change. Adherence to The Woodlands Pavilion Rules will go a long way toward ensuring guests have an enjoyable experience and to ensure that everyone enjoys the show!

Pavilion Parking
Where are the Woodlands Pavilion parking areas?

Concert Parking at The Woodlands Pavilion is complimentary in the following lots – as Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. These parking areas are always free for pavilion events; just be ready for a short walk. Pavilion staff will be available to help guide you to parking and the pavilion. Limited, free parking at the Gold Lot (paid parking) for guests with proper state issued parking identification (ie hanging placard or license plate).

Get to The Pavilion
Where is the Woodlands Pavilion

How to get to The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands Texas. While I45 is the most direct route to The Woodlands Pavilion, it is not the only way to attend one or more of the many concert events in The Woodlands. FM1488 is a great choice from Hempstead, FM 2978 from Tomball, and Fish Creek Thoroughfare from Highway 105.

Sections & Seating
Section map and seating chart for the woodlands pavilion

The Woodlands Pavilion sat initial guests on April 27, 1990 with an original 3,000 reserved seats and room for 7,000 guests on the grass lawn. In 1994, seating was expanded adding 1,900 uncovered, reserved seats, and 1,100 on the lawn. Additional upgrades in the following years increased the guest seating chart capacity to nearly 17,000.

Cynthia Woods
Mitchell Pavilion
The Woodlands Pavilion

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, also known as The Woodlands Pavilion, is a non-profit organization. The Pavilion is owned and operated by The Center for the Performing Arts at The Woodlands, a 501(c)3 non-profit.