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Waterway Fountain

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The Woodlands Waterwall Founatins

Waterway Square 'Eighth Note' Fountain

31 Waterway Square Place

The Woodlands, Texas 77382

Waterway Waterwall Fountain

Park Type: Amenity
Date Acquired: 2012
Village: Town Center
Park Acreage: 1
Pathway Mileage: 0.25 +/-
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Waterway Square Waterwall Fountain

The Woodlands Waterway Fountain debuted on April 12, 2008 with a celebration featuring a festival of lights and music. The Waterway is a unique, 120 foot water-wall, adorned with several columns of dancing water, enhanced by a pool of "boomer" jets of water capable of rising more than 60 feet into the air. The Waterway fountain is The Woodlands' most unique, and serves as the "centerpiece" of The Woodlands. Various restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail outlets adjacent to The Fountains at Waterway Square create an active setting throughout the day. Waterway Square Park features a brief aqua-light show choreographed with sound starting every 15 minutes during the evening hours that is not to be missed!

Fun Facts about Waterway Square Waterwall

Located between The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center and The Woodlands Westin Hotel, Waterway Square is an initiative of The Woodlands Development Company, The Woodlands Township and The Woodlands Town Center Owners Association. The colorful fountains at Waterway Square are adjacent to Waterway Avenue, extending between Woodlands Parkway and Lake Robbins Drive. Waterway Avenue ends directly in front of Tinseltown 17, and affords a quick view of Waterway Square Park as it crosses the The Woodlands Waterway.
The water feature was designed by Aquatic Design and Engineering of Orlando, Florida, creators of several major water features for Disney Resorts in Orlando and Orlando City Hall.

• The pumping capacity of the system that runs the fountains is 12,000 gallons per minute. That’s enough to fill an average backyard swimming pool in just 2 minutes!
• The Pump & Equipment Room, located on-site but barely visible, is a 3,251 sq-ft building with vaulted  ceilings. In fact, it is directly below the trees at the street level area.
• Following recent renovations, the ellipse (or “bowl”) at the upper level is now a hollow structure with a  hatch entry at the top, creating a further 2,000 sq-ft of maintenance area and making future repairs  much safer, quicker, and easier.
• A total of 2 miles of pipe carries the water in the fountains.
• There are 191 kinetic lights (also known as light emitting diodes – LEDs) in four colors that can be  combined to create all the colors of the rainbow spectrum. 53 of these lights are inside the ellipse.  • Enjoy the view from the edge! There is no swimming allowed in The Fountains at Waterway Square.

The Woodlands Waterway Fountain Waterway Square

The Woodlands Waterway

The Waterway
The Waterway
Waterway Activities
Waterway Activities
Waterway Fountain
Waterway Fountain
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Waterway Square Park
Waterway Square Park

From frolicking at the splashpad, to dining at a waterway restaurant, or simply enjoying a stroll along the waterway, there's no denying The Waterway is a must see attraction in The Woodlands Town Center.

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